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Box Build Assembly Services

Cablek has a wide range of experience with Box Build assemblies and will tailor the assembly process according to your specific project requirements. Our team works closely with our clients to develop detailed and secure work instructions to ensure that we build a quality product every single time.

We can assemble any type of Box Build – from simple projects requiring a few components to very complex products that necessitate multiple cable arrangements, specific torque requirements, and metal enclosures. Reach out to us for any assistance.

The following is a list of common Box Build assembly services that Cablek can provide:

System level assembly

Installation of components

Product assembly



Warehousing, order fulfillment, and traceability

Order fulfillment

Installation of sub-assemblies

Routing of cabling and wire harnesses

Sub-level product assembly


Product configuration

Packaging and direct drop shipments

After-market service

After-market repair

Cables for All Needs

From power cables to patch panels, audio cables, and video cables, we have cables for all your needs.

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