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Reliable Custom Wire Harnesses Available Worldwide

Cablek Industries manufactures a wide range of electronic and electrical custom wire harnesses. Whether your needs are for low volume or high production runs, Cablek's competent and experienced technical sales staff will assess your requirements and develop a harness to meet your exact specifications. All you need to do is give us a call.

Cablek is CSA and UL certified for wiring harnesses and computer interconnection cable assemblies and has quality assurance procedures conforming to ISO 9001:2015.


Together, Cablek's years of experience in manufacturing, its automated facilities, as well as quality standards and approvals, assure you of the highest quality wire harness assemblies and cables along with the very best delivery times. Call your representative for further information.


Cablek has modified its production facilities and procedures to offer both custom and standard RoHS Compliant Cable and wire harness assemblies.


All RoHS Assemblies are fabricated by using compliant cable, manufacturing, and soldering technologies, Pb-Free/RoHS compliant Wire and Cable and Pb-Free/RoHS compliant connectors.

Wire Processing Cutting and Stripping

Cablek's state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, includes the latest automatic measuring, wire cutting, stripping, termination, and label marking machinery to assure fast, reliable, and consistent quality workmanship at the best possible prices. Every wire harness assembly is 100% tested and guaranteed against all manufacturing defects. If your application demands precision, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness, call us today.


Applications include:

Medical wire harnesses

Industrial wire harnesses

Custom cable harnesses for bio-medical equipment and devices

Alarm / Surveillance and security wire harnesses

Passive component-to-wire applications

Cable harness design, prototypes, and development

Electrical wire harnesses

Power supply wire harnesses

Audio/Video wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies

Flat ribbon wire harnesses and flat ribbon cables

Switch-to-wire applications

Specialty and Custom spec cables and wire harnesses

We offer comprehensive solutions for wire processing. Our solutions include: 

Wire cutting and stripping

High volume wire cutting and stripping

High amperage wire cutting and stripping

High volume wire processing

Heavy-gauge wire cutting and stripping

Wire harnesses and custom wire harnesses

Our services also include soldering, terminating, wrapping, and testing custom cables, custom wire assemblies and electromechanical harnesses. All cables and wires are 100% inspected and tested following our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Program. We are also UL and CSA approved.

The core of any electrical system is the interconnection of its various components via electrical wire harnesses. Through in-depth production procedures and quality inspections, our wire harnesses are made up to industrial standards. Wire harnesses built in our facilities are made efficiently, reliable, and most importantly, durable. We create wire harnesses for various market segments. Below are its several applications but not limited to:

Industrial automation harnesses

Custom control panel harnesses

Power supply harnesses

Electromechanical harnesses

Industrial wire harnesses

Robotics harnesses

Medical custom wire harnesses

Household appliance harnesses

Automotive harnesses

Marine equipment harnesses

Healthcare wire harnesses

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