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Experienced Professionals for Cabling Design and Installation Throughout Canada

Cablek's professional sales consultants and network cable installer technicians provide the finest and most comprehensive network cabling design, installation, diagnostic testing, certification, cable cleanup, and maintenance services from coast to coast. Whether it be for data networking, communication or video applications, we offer structured cabling solutions, including cable installation of:

100Giga / 40Giga / 10Giga

MultiMode OM4

Cat 5e

Cat 6a Shielded

Giga speed

SingleMode OS2

Cat 6


Fibre optic


Cat 6a



We have earned the loyalty and the respect of our clients by dedicating our efforts, experience and resources to providing trouble-free quality network cabling solutions that meet today's requirements and tomorrow's needs. Contact us for your requirements today, whether it be for:

Network infrastructure

Electronic security systems


Manufacturing Facilities

Wireless / WIFI

Data centres


Office expansion

Telephony / IP

Corporate offices

Schools and colleges

Small business

New buildings

Cable Certification

Our certification practices and our highly trained technicians use the latest and most advanced test tools available in the market. Combined with our 25-year limited warranty, Cablek provides one of the best guarantees in the industry. Furthermore, we offer complete network installation documentation, including wiring configuration, attenuation (ACR, PS ACR), crosstalk (ELNEXT, PS ELFEXT and PS NEXT), loop resistance and length. We always use the latest testing technology, currently using FLUKE VERSIV DSX8000. 

Why Choose a Leviton Certified Installer

Leviton Certified Installers are selected based on their expertise and professionalism. Leviton only certifies installers who have been trained on the latest networking standards and installation practices and have committed to using quality copper, fibre, and AV products representing the latest in structured cabling technologies. When you choose a Leviton Certified Installer, your network can be protected by a limited lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind and a greater return on infrastructure investment.

You should choose a Leviton Certified Installer for the following reasons:

Provides high-quality workmanship backed by proven industry expertise

Is licensed and bonded per state and regional requirements

Understands the latest standards, technologies, and installation practices

Uses only the best products and materials for their installations

Offers industry-leading extended product and performance warranties from Leviton

Attends recertification courses to ensure that they are kept current with the latest standards technologies, and installation practices

Has access to unlimited factory technical and application support

Cablek Industries is a :


Leviton certified installer


Legrand certified installer

Superior Essex

Superior Essex certified designer and installer

Fluke networks

Fluke Networks Copper and Fiber certified

Our Approvals

Cablek technicians have the following approvals:


ASP Certification (Health & Safety in Construction Site)

Multiprévention ASP

Safe use of aerial platforms


 Régie du bâtiment du Québec

Your Needs, Our Priority

There could be better than customized solutions for your cabling needs and strengthening your IT infrastructure.

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